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Aftercare Serum mascara
Sale price200.00 SR
Aloe Vera soap bar
Sale price45.00 SR
Antarctic Hair Shine Glass Rinse
Sale price230.00 SR
Anti-aging exfoliation device
Sale price800.00 SR
Argan Revitalizing Oil
Sale price150.00 SR
Atmosphere Hair Density & Scalp Serum
Sale price280.00 SR
Aura Gift Card
Sale priceFrom 50.00 SR
Aura Tote
Sale price35.00 SR
Avocado facial essence mask
Sale price20.00 SR
Avocado hydrating curl activator
Sale price64.00 SR
Avocado Hydrating Curling Cream
Sale price75.00 SR
Avocado hydrating shampoo
Sale price64.00 SR
Bamboo toothbrushes (adults)
Sale price65.00 SR
Bamboo toothbrushes (children)
Sale price60.00 SR
Beauty And The Bean Body Scrub
Sale price80.00 SR
Blow Dry Primer
Sale price160.00 SR
Blueberry facial essence mask
Sale price20.00 SR
Sale price60.00 SR

3 colors available

Breathable Cuticle Oil
Sale price100.00 SR
Chia seeds facial essence mask
Sale price20.00 SR
Classic conditioner
Sale price295.00 SR
Classic Leave-In Conditioner
Sale price64.60 SR
Cleansing cream shampoo
Sale price64.00 SR
Coconut milk soap bar
Sale price45.00 SR

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