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ALGAE RENEW Deep Conditioning Mask
Sale price108.55 SR
ALMOND JAI Twisting Butter
Sale price92.69 SR
Aura Gift Card
Sale priceFrom 50.00 SR
Aura Tote
Sale price40.00 SR
Avocado hydrating curl activator
Sale price55.65 SR
Bamboo toothbrushes (adults)
Sale price65.00 SR
Bamboo toothbrushes (children)
Sale price60.00 SR
Blow Dry Primer
Sale price186.00 SR
Breathe roll on oil
Sale price80.00 SR
Calm nasal inhaler
Sale price45.00 SR
Calming roll on oil
Sale price80.00 SR
CARAMEL COWASH Cleansing Conditioner
Sale price86.84 SR
Clear nasal inhaler
Sale price45.00 SR
Sold out
Curl Defining Cream
Curl Defining Cream
Sale price120.45 SR
Curl It Collapsible Diffuser Head
Sale price77.39 SR

2 colors available

Sold out
CURL LOVE Moisture Milk
CURL LOVE Moisture Milk
Sale price82.88 SR
Deep Conditioner
Sale price112.20 SR
Sold out
Denman brush
Denman brush
Sale price95.00 SR
Direct Leave-in™ Weightless Moisture Conditioner
Sale price49.57 SR
FRESH CURL Revitalizing Hair Smoother
Sale price79.48 SR
Glow body butter
Sale price105.00 SR
Glow body scrub
Sale price138.00 SR
Glow shower gel
Sale price94.00 SR
Green lote mask
Sale price154.00 SR

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